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Being on top means being the best... in everything we do.
To achieve product perfection, Lion doesn't skimp on testing. 200% perfect is our minimum standard. When it comes to quality, if it's worth checking once, it's worth checking twice. That's why our power supply cords look good, feel good and work perfectly. In both our custom and standard lines, we invest plenty of time, money and energy in every step of the production process.

No surprises is our manufacturing philosophy. None for us and none for our customers. Meeting specs is one thing, exceeding them is obviously better...
that's the Lion's way.

Lion Cords Division.
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Lion Cords Div.

Since 1946, Manufacturers of Custom UL & CSA Listed:

Insulated Electric Wire & Cord Sets
Power Supply Cord Sets w/Female Connectors
Hospital Grade Cord Sets
Auto Connectors & Cigarette Lighter Adapters
Strain Reliefs
Disposable Surgical Cord Sets
Rocker Switches - By Power Electric Wire
International Cord Sets
Cord Specifications / Plug Configuration
Request Form - Domestic / International